Hi to record collectors everywhere.  My name is Sam Mauger and I hope you will enjoy this web site as it grows.  I hope also that you will be able to contribute any information to help me complete it.  The aim of this site is to list every record, and its label, made in the UK from the mid 50s to the present day. The discography will show the year, artists. title, label and catalogue number. This is going to be a mammoth task.

I've been listing data for over 25 years, completing over 7000 record labels and i want to produced a discography with either a scan of the record label or a scan of the picture sleeve.  At the end of the day it will be the most extensive music encyclopaedia of itīs kind.

As a one man job it has proved impossible to complete and one of the biggest problems I have is tracking down those many DIY and Indie labels which released only one or two records, so I am hoping for the help of record collectors everywhere to send any info on labels scans and discographies which are missing from this site. 

As a record collector myself, my passion is for 7 inch vinyl and just to listen to the crackles and hisses is joy to my ears.  You can keep your CDs, the sound is too perfect for me.  Itīs great to have a nice clear sound on you cd player, but give me a record any time.

The first record I brought was on Polydor and called "Sailor"/ "Seemann..." by Lolita.  Austrian born Lolita (Ditta Einzinger) recorded the song in 1959 with the Werner Scharfenberger Orchestra. The release, sung in German with a spoken part in English, was then later released by Petula Clark and Anne Shelton, but with the spoken part in German.  These respective versions of "Sailor" were both musical milestones for each singer, marking Clark's first No 1 on the UK singles chart and Shelton's final chart appearance.  I played that record to death and every week saw me "down the co-op" buying more.  At 14 years old I had enough records to start a mobile disco, and as I was getting paid for playing my records, I bought even more.

At Eighteen years old saw me working on the local radio station and Dee Jaying in local night clubs.  Then record companies began sending me lots of records, including promo and demo releases, some of which of course, are now highly collectable.

After years of dee jaying my interest grew towards buying and selling records.  I used to buy record collections from other DJ's, take out those I needed for my own collection and sell the rest on.  In the early nineties when CDīs became popular and everyone was getting rid of their vinyl I was "down to the local car boot" every week looking for old and obscure records.  I then had the crazy idea to try and list every record label, together with its discography, to make the ultimate music encyclopaedia. I began by listing and making a discography of my own collection and then the thing took on a life of its own.  This has turned into a labour of love, and all because of my passion with a piece of 7" black plastic! 

This web site is the next step of my musical history, however I soon realized that I needed help - which is where you all come in.  Any information you may have on  record labels and their discographies, or a scan of the record label or picture sleeve would be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged on the site.  The minimum scan size needs to be 300 x 300 for the record label and 400 x 400 for the picture sleeve.  As I have a massive amount of data to convert and upload the site, and it may appear a little patchy in the beginning, so please bear with me. 

The first uploaded labels will be 50s, 60s and 80s.  The labels for the 70s will have a link to an excellent site run by Bob Lyons, and is worth a good look.  Another site you may find interesting is the Reggae label   Any football fans amongst you will find a discography of records released by various football clubs and players. my thank to the members of 45cat record site for the use of some of the scans.

Unlike Bobs site, record labels beginning in the 60s will have a full discography running into the 70s and beyond, so the numerical listing is complete.   My site will be listing 7" singles from the United Kingdom, however some 78s  LPīs, 12" singles and CD listings have been included to alleviate large gaps in the discography of that series.  Where records were issued abroad they may be included and to cut down on time I have only listed the A side.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it of interest and I look forward to hearing from you on with any contributions you may be able to make.

Disclaimer: - If there is a graphic or text that is your copyright and you don't want me to use it on this site,
please produce evidence of ownership and I will remove immediately!

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